04. Love Is Not A Fight

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Friday, January 6, 2012

Hand Picked

My husband gets me flowers from time to time. The thing about Paul is, he doesn't just grab the first bouquet he sees. He actually goes in and hand picks flowers for me. Not just any bouquet will do. He inspects them, admires their beauty, and then will bring the perfect ones home to me. And he hopes that I will appreciate the time he took and look at them in the same light that he does.....that they are perfect. 
So why did I choose to write about my husband bringing me home a bouquet of flowers? Well, after all these years of Paul doing this, I finally realized something. In the same way that Paul goes to pick out flowers for me, our heavenly Father has hand picked us. He choose us before the world was created. He wanted you - you were hand picked. 
I really think we are all, in a sense, like flowers. You see, we all need people around us who will be the fertile dirt beneath us, who will help water us, and give us sun light so that we can grow. And then there is the other side of it. As we grow, God is producing gifts and talents in our lives with the help people around us, so that we can also bless others - the pollen if you will. And what is pollen used for? Well, to produce honey in the life of others. We are all part of this. Each one of us was hand picked by the Father. Even if you don't see it, there are people around you who need you to uplift them and help them grow. They need your love and support, encouragement to get through the hard times in life, and just someone to be able to laugh with.

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