04. Love Is Not A Fight

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Thursday, April 5, 2012

On The Road To Beauty

The other day, I was thinking about makeup items I needed to purchase to make myself beautiful. So often, our society gets caught up in the outward appearance of beauty.....clothes, shoes, makeup, perfect body......I could go on. All of this to be considered beautiful.
But what if you were stripped of every luxury that pertained to that? What if, you couldn’t buy clothes, shoes, makeup, get that gym membership.....would people still consider you beautiful? You know, would your personality be uplifting, would you smile at people just to make them smile back, would you give people hope, would you reach out your hand to someone in need, would you be a pillar for someone to lean on, even if you felt weak at that moment yourself? This kind of strength and beauty can only come from God himself. 
I started thinking about all of this when I saw a homeless lady. She had nothing. Just carrying bottles in her hand, so that she could eat that night. She had no makeup, no shower, and definitely no luxuries. 
The things that make us beautiful far surpass just materialistic things. I love how God can get our attention through simple things like that. So.......would you still be considered beautiful if you were stripped of all the luxuries in your life?