04. Love Is Not A Fight

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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Cleaning out the closets at 2am

All I can think right now is, "what am I doing blogging at 2am?" I couldn't sleep, so I decided to clean out the closets. Time to go through and sort out what I am keeping, what I'm getting rid of, and what just needs to be thrown away. I'm proud to say I finished what I started, but now it only led me to think...."what in my closet (or heart) do I need to clean out?" Sometimes, the Lord really takes simple tasks, such as this, to really make us think about what He is trying to do in our lives. So tonight it's simple, I'm asking Him, "what are you wanting me to keep, to give away, and what damaged pieces do you want to turn into something that will better my life?" I love the 2am talks I get to have with the Lord. Makes it worth the lack of sleep!

Oh yes, and an update on my little man....he has gone 1 week without a grand mal. Even though we still have been dealing with the short seizures daily, it's enough to praise the Lord for the blessing of a week without a large one!

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